3 Reasons To Get A Custom Trailer Built For Your Tiny House

Are you building a tiny house for the purpose of traveling? These houses are popular among those with wanderlust, who don't like to stay in one place for too long. Rather than building a tiny house on a fixed foundation on a piece of land, you are probably building yours on some kind of trailer, so it can be towed wherever you want to go. This way, you get to enjoy all of the tiny house benefits (small or no mortgage, simpler living, reduced carbon footprint, etc.) while being able to indulge your love for travel without the gas-guzzling expense of an RV.

Before you get your house firmly set up on a standard trailer, consider having a metal fabrication shop custom design one for you. There are definite benefits to a custom-designed tiny house trailer that will make traveling with your house a much more pleasant experience. Here are three excellent reasons to go custom on the trailer:

1. You Can Gain More Height Inside Your House

According to TinyHouseBuild.com, you are limited by state towing laws in how tall your house can be while on its trailer. Of course, this is only a problem if you go with a standard trailer.

You already know that every bit of space counts when you're living in a tiny home. Getting a trailer custom built for you can make a big difference in how much height, and therefore interior space, you can get away with having in your portable tiny home.

For example, a metal fabricator can build a trailer for you with drop axles. These axles hang down lower than normal axles. You're still height and weight compliant with your trailer, but the lower axles give you extra room for height inside your house.

A creative metal fabricator can give you other options for a custom trailer design that provides more height inside while keeping it legal on the road. You choose the design you like the best.

2. You Can Make the Trailer Match the Foundation of the House

With a little steel welding done by a metal fabricator, you can blend your tiny house foundation and your trailer into one symbiotic unit. Most people who build tiny houses on trailers simply set the house on the trailer bed and attach it to it. This makes it glaringly obvious you're hauling a house.

When you get a custom trailer designed for you, it can be built to fit whatever shape the foundation of your tiny house may be. This actually gives you more options in tiny house design, too, such as creating mini-basements, lower storage areas, and even lofts (when a low-hanging area gives you more room for legal height).

It also looks a lot nicer. Instead of looking like a house being hauled across the country on a trailer bed, your house and trailer will simply look like a uniquely designed camper or RV being towed behind a truck. It draws a lot less attention from other motorists, police officers, and weigh station attendants, which makes your trip a nicer one.

3. You Can Have Adjustable Space In Your Tiny House

Space is at a premium in a tiny house. When you build one on a custom trailer, you can incorporate a slide-out that will give you extra room inside the house when you need it. This is similar to RVs with pop-outs for the same purpose.

The slide-out can be put away when the house is traveling, then pulled out and used to enjoy extra space when you've got the house settled in a place for a while. This enjoyable extra space wouldn't be possible without the custom work of a metal fabricator on your tiny house trailer.


A custom trailer is something that will make your portable tiny house experience much more enjoyable. From more space to better incognito travel, you will have a much better portable house in many ways when you go custom on the trailer.

You're really only limited by your imagination in what you can do with your trailer, too. Consider what your dream portable tiny house experience looks like, then contact a metal fabricator to make it happen for you.