Want To Create A Grand Entrance For Your Business? Exterior Features To Install

If the outside of your company is barren and doesn't make a statement, and you want people to have  grand entrance when they pull into the drive, there are some things that you can do to get the first impression that you desire. There are a lot of ways that you can wow people when they show up at your business to work with you, or to become a client, and many of these things will improve the property value. Talk with the necessary professionals about getting these things or making these changes:

Custom Ornamental Gates

Get large gates at the entrance of the parking lot. If the gates are open throughout the most of the day, ornamental gates will look great at the entrance of the driveway or parking lot. You can get a custom gate company and welder to put your company logo, emblem, or design into the gate, or you can look at other decorative custom features or options. Adding a gate is also a great security feature to incorporate. Metal is a high quality and durable option.

Stamped Concrete

A stamped concrete walkway or stairs up into the building is a stunning way to make a great first impression. Concrete that is stamped or colored adds extra character to the building, and it's an easy way to customize the area to match your company emblem or logo. You can have it stamped into the stairs or on the walkway for people to see when they are about to enter the building. This is a robust material to use around the exterior of the building.

Water Features

A water feature around the walkway can be subtle and peaceful. You can get a design for an infinity edge fountain or even just a waterfall in an area where there is some greenery or stone. Talk with a waterfall landscaping professional to see how you can use rainwater and solar energy to cycle water through the filter. Ask for an option that is low maintenance.

If you are ready for people to be in awe when they pull up the drive and walk into your place of business, and you are searching for a grand entrance, all of these different features will deliver that results that you're hoping for. Talk with a contractor like MISSCO to look at design options for the items you want, and then to have them installed.