How To Use Soil Grouting To Create Garden Statuary From Sand

Sand is too loose a material to hold its shape. Even when mildly wet, it cannot hold its form for very long. Concrete is harder, but it is more difficult to work with when you own and operate a company that manufactures garden statues. What is the solution? It is soil grouting, and here is how you can use it to create and manufacture garden statuary that is lighter and better than concrete statues.

Soil Grouting Injections

First and foremost, invest in a high-quality, white sand. Yellow sand has too many impurities and discoloration to make decent garden statues. Create a vat to hold the white sand, and then inject the soil grout into the sand. With a giant blender blade, mix up this sand and soil grout mixture. It should be smooth, not too runny, and slightly pasty.

Pour into Molds Quickly

The thing about soil grout is that it quickly solidifies, almost like concrete, when it is mixed with soil or sand. That said, as soon as your sand and grout mixture is the right consistency, you will need to pour the mixture quickly into statue molds. If your factory has been revamped and set up properly, you will be able to dispense the mixture into the molds on an assembly line. Employees are still necessary for quality control and removing the molds from the line until the soil grout and sand have solidified.

Pull-Apart Molds Are a Good Idea

Pull-apart molds are a good idea for this manufactured project. As the figures solidify, the molds can snap apart, leaving behind raw figures. Employees can use grout sanders to grind away excess grout-sand casting bits and make the statues smooth. Then the statues can be painted or left au naturel before going through the wrapping and packaging process.

Consult Professional Soil Grouting Contractors for Help

If you do not want to make several faulty batches of sand and soil grout, consult with soil grouting contractors. They have the experience to know how much soil grout needs to be injected into the white sand to create the right consistency for your statue-making mixture. They can calculate, pound for pound, ton for ton, the right amount of soil grout needed for each amount of white sand. Then you can make the consistent mixture every single time you work to create a new batch of garden statues on the line.

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