Laser Cutting: Should You Use This Method?

The fabrication of different metal pieces can enable your company to make products that make the work or lives of your customers better. Traditional cutting methods for fabrication may have worked out well to get your company to the point where it is today, but technology is always changing. Laser cutting, for example, could present you with far more business opportunities. If you're skeptical and aren't sure about whether to use it for the metals you work with, consider these perks.

Quicker Fabrication 

You may be comfortable with the amount of time it takes to order, receive and use metal pieces you have fabricated. However, laser cutting could completely disrupt that process by speeding it up. Traditional cutting methods often require time to set up and arrange machines, tools, and metal sheets. Laser cutting, on the other hand, only requires the laser doing the cutting, your design loaded into the laser's software and the metal being cut. The laser itself moves without interruption and can complete pieces faster than other methods.

Easier Adjustments

If your testing or design team realizes that they made a mistake which could affect the size or properties of your pieces, they'll need to place a frantic call to the fabrication shop to stop production and delays will ensue until the traditional cutting method can stop, and the new design and setup can be arranged. With laser cutting, however, all that needs to happen is that the laser is stopped, and a new design is loaded. 

Easier Samples

Because traditional cutting methods take so much time to set up and work out compared to laser cutting, it's understandable that samples are not always a good idea due to time; if you do order them, you may need to pay more for that to happen. Laser setup is so easy that fabricating a sample or two is also a simple request.

Better Edges

One major benefit of the laser cutting process is that lasers cut cleanly. Therefore, edges are often smooth, and pieces won't require the extra time or cost of certain finishing techniques like polishing. If you still want blackening or another finish, that work can start much more immediately.

Laser cutting could be one of the reasons your company flies even higher. Discuss your orders with local fabrication shops to best understand this method and the ways it can be fantastic for your pieces and products