3 Types Of Overhead Cranes

Cranes help out with the heavy lifting that occurs in a warehouse or manufacturing facility. Overhead cranes are often used in these settings to transport products from one location within the facility to another.

There are many different types of overhead cranes available on the market today. Understanding how some of the most common overhead cranes work will give you the ability to select the right crane for your facility.

1. Bridge Cranes

One of the most popular overhead crane varieties is the bridge crane.

Bridge cranes consist of overhead runway beams that are built into the structure of the building. This design allows the bridge crane to support the maximum amount of weight without compromising the structural integrity of the facility in which it's installed.

Bridge cranes come in single and double girder models. The maximum load weight for these models is similar, but a double girder has the ability to lift loads to greater heights than a single girder model.

2. Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are overhead cranes that can be found in use throughout the manufacturing and warehouse industries today.

Unlike a bridge crane, gantry cranes have a runway beam that is supported by two vertical legs. The legs can be anchored below ground, or installed above the surface. This design allows gantry cranes to be relocated to a new facility whenever an upgrade is required.

Businesses who anticipate a space upgrade within the next few years will want to invest in a gantry crane to avoid spending money on a crane that will need to be replaced once the move is complete.

3. Jib Cranes

The third type of overhead crane you may want to consider for your facility is a jib crane.

Jib cranes have a very unique design. The runway beam on a jib crane is connected to a single central support column. The runway beam acts as an arm that can swing in a circular motion around the support beam.

This design can greatly increase the coverage area of an overhead crane while minimizing the amount of space required for crane installation. A jib crane is the perfect solution for facilities with limited floor space.

Having access to an overhead crane is essential for many warehouse and manufacturing facilities. Overhead cranes come in many different varieties. You can select a bridge crane, gantry crane, or jib crane to help you create a more functional and efficient workspace.