Guidelines To Consider With Hydraulic Pump Rebuilds

A staple component of a hydraulic system is the pump, which has the task of taking energy and turning it into a flow. These pumps can be found in things like excavators, forklifts, and pallet jacks. If you have one of these pumps and are deciding to have it rebuilt after it reaches a certain condition, here are some guidelines to consider.

Get Multiple Opinions When Deciding Between Repairs and a Rebuild 

If you're not so certain about going through with a hydraulic pump rebuild because you might think repairs are still a viable option, then what you can do is gather professional opinions from multiple sources to help you make a conclusive decision. 

You can speak to hydraulic pump specialists and have them thoroughly look at both the condition and performance of your pump. Then, when they come back with suggestions about whether to complete repairs or execute a rebuild, you can see what the general consensus is and decide accordingly.

Wait Until Conclusive Performance Results Come Back From Professional Testing

There might be multiple issues with a hydraulic pump and you need to know what these exact problems are for a rebuild to make a difference. You'll be in a better position to gain conditional insights on your pump when it's professionally tested.

Professionals that work with hydraulic pumps all the time need to test them in real-time to review different components, including the driveshaft, piston shoe, retainer washers, and coil springs. Professionals can give you reports on all of these parts to give your rebuild more direction.

Opt Into a Part Exchange Program

You're better off having a professional oversee a hydraulic pump rebuild because it will involve multiple steps and require specialized knowledge to complete it successfully. When assessing your professional rebuild options, consider a company that offers a part exchange program.

This is where damaged parts on your pump are exchanged for new or newer parts at cheaper rates. That can help you repurpose damaged parts during this rebuild while saving money. This is a lot better than paying for brand-new pump parts at full price.

Hydraulic pumps can falter for several reasons such as corrosion, wear, and overheating. If your pump's problems are to the point where a rebuild is necessary, make sure you have a firm understanding of how to execute it. Then you'll run into fewer problems and subsequently speed up the rebuild process. To learn more, contact a hydraulic pump rebuilding service.