PFA And PFA Tubing: A Primer

One of the most interesting developments in the plastics industry is the creation of a new type of plastic known as PFA, an acronym that stands for "perfluoroalkoxy." PFA is an extremely useful material that has a wide range of practical applications for various industries. Here are some of the most important facts concerning this beneficial substance generally, and, in particular, the tubing that is made from this material.


PFA is a type of plastic that has a number of qualities that make it a desirable material for certain businesses. For example, PFA can resist temperatures up to 250 degrees centigrade, which is equal to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. It also possesses inertness against most chemicals, which means that it does not change its composition or become corrupted when it comes into contact with other substances. PFA has strong tensile strength, which is the ability to withstand being pulled or stretched, and excellent mechanical strength, the ability to withstand an applied weight, as well.

PFA also has the advantage of being translucent, a feature that is very important in some applications. In addition to being translucent, it is also resistant to damage from Ultraviolet(UV) light, which makes it useful for some outdoor situations.


A particularly valuable product made from PFA is tubing. The inherent qualities of the material make this type of tubing an effective way to handle the transfer of chemicals and other liquids. For example, PFA tubing is quite flexible, so it works well in spaces where rigid tubing is not practical. Also, PFA tubing is easy to cut to length, making it convenient for situations where tubing must be cut to size.

Tubing Applications

Tubing made from PFA is especially useful to certain industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies need tubing that will not become corrupted when chemicals are passing through and PFA tubing fills the bill. Also, if a jam occurs in the tubing line, the matter can be quickly resolved as the material's translucency make any bottlenecks easy to spot and repair.

Another industry that finds PFA tubing useful is the food and beverage industry. For example, beverages that are run through PFA tubing are in no danger of becoming contaminated by coming into contact with PFA, which alleviates any safety concerns.

PFA is a fascinating material that clearly is quite helpful to both businesses and consumers in many instances. Society should be grateful for its development and implementation. 

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