Reasons To Use Hex Head Bolts

Are you looking for fasteners for an upcoming project? When it comes to screws or bolts, there are multiple options out there. Plenty of people are turning to hex head bolts though for a variety of different reasons. Here's why you might want to look into hex heads as an option for your own fastening needs.

Six Sides Makes Life Easier

As the name implies, a bolt with a hex head has six sides to it. In practice, what this means is that there will be more options to get just the angle you need when placing a fastening tool like a screwdriver into the hex head. You may be able to keep fastening at a faster pace without missing a beat because your hex heads can handle changing angles as you move along your materials or produced product. It may also be possible with the right tool to get a little more torque into the hex head bolt as it turns, allowing for a better or tighter fit.

Hex Heads Offer Versatility

Hex heads are capable of serving as a fastener for a variety of different materials, including two of the most common material types, wood and steel. The ability to handle both of these materials at any time adds versatility to this type of bolt or screw, meaning you can buy hex heads for more of your projects and not miss a beat when switching from a product made from one type of material to another.

Stainless Steel Offers Durability

Hex head bolts are typically made from either steel or stainless steel. Stainless steel bolts are quite popular because the material naturally stands up to corrosion and rust. This could be key if you are fastening something that will be used mostly outdoors or in a humid environment.

Threaded or Non-Threaded

Hex head bolts also offer an option for full or half (partial) thread. You might think that a fully threaded bolt would be the most secure, and it usually is, but in some cases, certain materials could damage a full thread bolt and shear off an important piece. Thankfully, you can also get hex heads that are only partially threaded, and the non-threaded area of the bolts will make it easier for people to keep things where they belong.

Contact a provider of hex head bolts or screws to discuss your needs. Hex heads offer convenience, versatility, and durability that will make the switch to a new type of fastener as smooth as possible.