Rotary Table — Investment Tips For Machinists

In metalworking, a rotary table is one of the most critical pieces of equipment. It can rotate workpieces around an axis and is handy for machining operations. If you want to buy one, look at a couple of tips.

Review Your Machining Operations

Before looking at rotary tables and comparing their specs, take the time to look at your machining operations. What do you plan to do with a rotary table, and what materials do you plan to support using one? 

Analyzing these details can help you refine critical attributes of a rotary table, including its size, load support, and materials. The key is finding a rotary table that best supports your machining operations for years and years. 

Determine What Maximum Rotational Speed Is Appropriate

In terms of a rotary table's performance, rotational speed is everything. You should note that different tables will have varying maximum rotational speeds, so take your time and choose wisely to avoid regrets.

What maximum speed do you need from the table to fabricate workpieces by cutting or drilling? To find out, think about the specific fabrications you're interested in. For example, if you plan to cut heavy-duty metal parts with a rotary table, you might need more rotational speed than if you fabricated softer metals. 

Decide Between Used And New 

You can buy rotary tables that are brand new and used. If you compare the pros of both, it's easy to decide and ultimately find a rotary table you feel the most comfortable using for a long time. 

Used rotary tables will be less expensive but may have slight wear. That's fine if you analyze used models in person to find out what you're walking into. New rotary tables won't have any damage, and their performance will also be optimal. 

Be Specific When Customizing Table 

In addition to buying new and used rotary tables, you also can customize them. Many fabricators opt for custom tables if they want particular things. For example, they may need a specific table size and rotational speed. 

If you plan to customize a rotary table, get what you want from a manufacturer. Tell them about every primary spec you're looking for so that the added costs of a custom rotary table are worth it. 

Rotary tables are excellent tools for machining different workpieces. If you study these machines long enough, you'll find a well-built and perfect model for your machining operations. 

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