How Reverse Osmosis Makes Seawater Drinkable And Mcdonald’s Coke Taste The Best

Water filtration technology has improved a great deal over the years and now gives you access to more pure and better tasting water. Reverse osmosis water filtration is used worldwide to desalinate seawater and is also used at a business level to make a great-tasting Coke. Here are two examples of how reverse osmosis is used in these different ways. Seawater into Drinking Water While much of the world's population gets their drinking water from the ground, rivers, and streams, there are some hot and dry areas in the world with not a lot of access to fresh drinking water. Read More 

Need To Get Rid Of Waste On Your Commercial Property? What You Need To Know Before Renting A Dumpster

When it is time to perform major renovations of your business facilities, move to another location or plan a site clean-up, you will need to rent dumpsters to collect waste. While it is relatively easy to schedule delivery of a roll-off waste container, you need to make sure that you adhere to some basic guidelines in order to make sure waste is removed safely and efficiently. If you are a first-timer at renting commercial dumpsters, the following tips will help you complete your waste removal project successfully. Read More 

Need Something Made Out Of Steel? The People Involved In The Process Of Steel Fabrication

There are many industries that rely on steel parts. Steel is widely used because it is resistant to heat and extremely durable yet able to be cut and shaped into any form during the fabrication process. Whether you are the manager for a manufacturing facility or an HVAC contractor, there will likely come a point when you need to have steel fabricated. Depending on the complexity of what you need, there may be several people involved in the process. Read More 

5 Ways To Cut Energy Costs In Your Commercial Building

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, commercial buildings are responsible for a whopping 20 percent of all of the energy consumed in this country, and costs paid by business owners to heat and cool their commercial property reached an estimated $180 billion dollars in 2013. Fortunately, there are ways that owners of commercial establishments can cut utility costs significantly. Following are five strategies for your consideration for your commercial heating. Read More 

Boosting Productivity And Reducing Overall Cost: 3 Important Technological Advances In Overhead Cranes

The manufacturing industry is a major contributor to the American economy. This sector accounts for 12% of America's overall GDP. For every $1 that is spent in manufacturing, $1.37 is added to the economy. Manufacturers in the U.S. maintain a high performance and productivity thanks to the numerous technological advances that are present — in particular, the implementation of equipment like overhead cranes. Although most overhead cranes appear identical to one another, there are subtle differences in their technology that can significantly influence overall productivity. Read More