3 Reasons To Get A Custom Trailer Built For Your Tiny House

Are you building a tiny house for the purpose of traveling? These houses are popular among those with wanderlust, who don't like to stay in one place for too long. Rather than building a tiny house on a fixed foundation on a piece of land, you are probably building yours on some kind of trailer, so it can be towed wherever you want to go. This way, you get to enjoy all of the tiny house benefits (small or no mortgage, simpler living, reduced carbon footprint, etc. Read More 

2 Forms Of Information Your Financial Institution Should Be Shredding

When your personal information gets into the wrong hands, it can turn into identity theft and consumer fraud. Any financial institutions you do business with have some of your personal information and it is their job to keep it safe. If your personal information is kept on paper or on a hard drive, your financial institution needs to ensure its safety when they no longer need it. Here are two types of stored personal information your financial institutions need to shred before they throw it away. Read More 

A Comparison Of The Different Types Of Auto Lights With LED Headlights

There are currently three types of auto headlights on the market. Each car manufacturer has a preference, but many of them also leave it open to the owner of each vehicle as to replacing the bulbs with some other type of light. Getting a lot of high shine lately are LED headlights, which do have many benefits over halogen and xenon headlights. Each of these has its own level of brightness, but also its own level of energy consumption. Read More